CamSiCO’s mission is to enable and assist individuals with a SCD to realise their full economic and social potential.

This is achieved by improving opportunities for sickle cell affected individuals and families by raising public awareness through education and advocacy, together with empowering patients to take control over their own health and wellbeing.

  • Bring together people living with sickle cell, parents/carers and their families under one association.
  • Protect the rights
  • Promote the Fight against the abuse and neglect of children living with Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • Organise awareness campaigns on issues affecting the welfare of people living with the condition.
  • Help combat hunger and malnutrition and poverty among children living with SCD.
  • Provide Educational and vocational counselling to children/young people affected by SCD.        
  • Help take care
  • The organisation will seek to raise awareness of the physical, psychological and social problems caused by SCD
  • Raise awareness
  • To educate the community and those affected by sickle cell disorder through factual information, de-mystifying the condition and challenging taboos.
  • Promote and encourage positive attitudes towards those affected sickle cell.
  • Reduce the stigma