The Epidemiology in Cameroon

Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) common in people from sub Saharan Africa, India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The population of Cameroon is around 17 million. Recent evidence from Cameroon suggests a carrier frequency of 20% and prevalence of about 20/1000 births from epidemiological reports. This translates to an estimated incidence of 7000 new babies, (ref. WHO 2007). 80% of these will die by their 5th birthday (refs. OILD Brazzaville 2006, Dakar 2007)


The society’s main source of funds is from donations and fundraising. We are very proud of our team who work tirelessly to raise money to fund the society and the support work we do. Read about how your fundraising and donations help adults and children affected by Sickle Cell. We would like to invite you to join us at our fundraising events this year. Click here for events. We hope you will set up your own event to support us.


It’s simple and fun, just think of any activity, which could be a sponsored fun run or walk. Then contact our Fundraising Officer by completing the application form and sending it on to us. We will contact you to help with the arrangements and give you advice.

Support Services

We provide care and support to all those affected by Sickle Cell as well as other Support Services which include:

  • Holidays for children with Sickle Cell
  • A welfare fund to provide financial help to individuals affected
  • An education fund to assist children and young people, who have missed out at school
  • A Regional Support Care Programme

Educating Professionals,

We educate Professionals, and the Public through:

  • Talks, seminars, and training
  • Information literature
  • Newsletters
  • Our Web-site and Fund-raising Events