Various Sickle Cell Clubs

CamSiCO Support Clubs (Ndop)
The Sickle Cell Support Group provides support for people with sickle cell disease and their families.


—  Sickle cell condition can cause great stress to the patient and family members. Joining a support group where members share common experiences and problems can relieve this stress, fears and anxiety.

—  The psychosocial dynamics of sickle cell condition/disease are complex. As with any other chronic and often debilitating illness, patients face a plethora of social problems that greatly influence their clinical condition. Loneliness, isolation, self-resentment, loss of self-esteem, and simple anger are common in patient with sickle cell disease. These factors can profoundly influence the patient’s ability to cope with pain hence patient support group often is very useful.

To increase self-confidence and resources for coping with a serious illness which can help to improve and sustain you or your family member’s emotional wellbeing.

Activities Include:

—  Promoting awareness of sickle cell in hospital including seminars with patient representative giving talks about his/her experiences of living with sickle cell disease.

—  Special events such as humble beginning of the group, Sickle Cell World Day, outing, Christmas party, visiting hospitals, villages etc.